Top 5 Reasons Why Male and Female Masterbation is Healthy


It’s one of the most easiest ways to enjoy oneself.  Yet, it is also one of the most taboo, embarrassing, radical and something eerily uncomfortable when openly acknowledged.


Studies have shown that more than 90% of Men and Women masterbate on a regular basis.  Male masterbation and female masterbation are apart of our daily routine no matter who you are or where you are in the world.

Here are the top 5 health benefits to men and women who choose to take on this solitary, pleasurable activity:


1.  Masterbation Improves Insomnia and Decreases Stress

It has been proven that the effects of self pleasuring and masterbation helps to improve insomnia and decrease your cortisol levels.  In some cases, female masterbation has been known to decrease menstrual cramps.  Other symptoms such as anxiety and depression has been known to subside.  Find the best lube for for female masterbations.


2.  Masterbation is Safe

This probably is self-explanatory, but it’s the only form of sexual activity that is 100% safe when you use the proper lubricant.  There are no risks to fertilizing an egg or transmitting a sexually transmitted disease.

Logically, you would think that provide for a great way to advocate masterbation as a way to avoid pregnancy and spreading of STDs, but according to this journal article, masterbation is often only portrayed in “commercial media, rather than rational discourse in schools and the general public…”

The reality is that, it is your body and you won’t be able to catch something you already have (or don’t have).  We should have more advocacy for masterbation, not silence.

3.  Masterbation is a Natural Act

Masterbation is a natural act.  It is normal and is part of our human evolutionary nature.  It might not always appear that way as masterbation is often portrayed as something that’s wrong or should be shunned.

It’s not.  It just plainly isn’t.


4.  Masterbation Improves and Facilities your Imagination

While no harm is being done to anyone during the act of masterbating, the fantasies and imaginations that you render during your act helps use that skill.  Cognitively it helps use your imaginative skills.

Besides, it feels just so darn good.  Often, people have the best orgasms when masterbating.  And last by not least…


5.  Masterbation Improves Sex

Sounds funny huh?  By masterbating or experimenting sexually on your own, you can be more self aware of what makes you feel good and what doesn’t.  Your experience then helps improve your chances of pleasuring or being “good” with your partner.

This is especially true for women who needs to find the proverbial “g-spot”.  By experimenting with female masterbation,  women can better direct their partners to that right place to get them orgasmic.


Let’s start sharing the science of how to masturbate optimally.




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