Tips on Achieving Orgasm- Female Masterbation

The whole idea for effective female masterbation is to enjoy yourself.  There are many ways to do it, but here are the top 3 tips on how to achieving the eye-rolling orgasms you’re looking for.


There is a large population of women out there that are uncomfortable with masterbating. I get it.  Use ladies think that it’s a taboo topic.

Well let me tell you — it’s just a matter of getting over it and doing it.  If you think you can, then you should read these masterbation techniques and tips that just may make you to achieve orgasm in a more fun, approachable way.


Technique #1

One of the more conventional techniques is the Clitoral Roll.   In this case, an oldie is a goodie.

First, use some lube and then take your finger and thumb and gently roll your clitoris in a circular motion. Start slowly and then increase the motion.  Another oldie but goodie is circling the clitoris.

Apply the pressure as needed and increase intensity as climax approaches.


Technique #2

Double stimulation is always a favorite female masterbation technique.  With one of our hands firmly occupied with working the clitoris, use the other hand to play with, rub, or tap your clitoris.

Make sure of course you have enough lube for both hands.  Having a lube container with a pump will be the best option in this case.


Technique #3

Another location to do it is to masterbate in the shower.  The best way is to do it sitting down if you have stool or a shower installation for a ledge.

Find a comfortable position whether laying or standing with one leg up on the side, and take your shower head to explore your vagina. Using different streams of water and levels of pressure, wander around and try to find what spot works for you.


Additional Tips

Some female masterbation tips that may work for you are.  Allow for plenty of time and be patient with yourself to get to orgasm.

  • Warm baths
  • Water-Based and Yeast-Infection Prevention Lubrication
  • Feel your entire body, not just your vagina
  • Use toys and sex objects to enhance the orgasm
  • Kegel exercises – tightening your vaginal muscles each day will help to build intensity and extend the orgasm length

For something different try taking a warm towel and putting some water-based and glycerin-free lubricant on it. When you rub it back and forth on your clitoris it is sure to get you aroused and cause orgasm.

Female masterbation is about the loving your body through the experience of self-pleasure. You should BE BOLD and embrace it.


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