Fleshlight Guide

Fleshlights are one of the most popular male sex toys. This penis-sleeve is designed for penetration by men and it is the next best thing to being inside the female vagina. The fleshlight brand offers different models of penis sleeve for different purposes and for providing different sensations to the user.


Why Is It Called Fleshlight?

This brand of sex toys comes with soft and super skin material which looks like flesh in the inner sleeve. The plastic case which houses the sleeve looks like an oversized flashlight and hence the name Fleshlight. These toys are available in different orifice options such as vulva, anus and mouth.

The inner sleeves usually come in flesh color. However, the ice / crystal or see-through, and blue colored sleeves are also available. The internal texture comes in 48 different models such as original, girls, special, boys and so on.


High Demand Product

The Fleshlight is the best male masturbation tool that you can buy on this planet and it would feel as if you are entering a real vagina. This sex toy gives you the feeling of playing with the best erotic parts of a female with your manhood.

Fleshlight will give you total relief from masturbating your manhood with your hand and it will provide you with unique sensations that are more or less similar to what you enjoy when entering a real vagina. It offers the best sensation with realistic suction that will give you the climax that you always wanted to enjoy.

If you have this toy, you do not need to use your hands on your manhood anymore. You can even come out inside the Fleshlight and clean it off easily with mild soap and hot water. These are some of the reasons why Fleshlight is in great demand in the sex toy market and is the most popular among sex toys.


The Many Uses of Fleshlight

Fleshlight was designed by Steve Shubin as a device for sperm collection. It has now become a safe alternate for using your hands during masterbation for men.

  • Satisfying Your Sexual Need– This sex toy or masturbating product offers utmost satisfaction even when you do not have the access to woman. The artificial vagina offers the same feeling and pleasure as that of the original.
  • The Best First Time Experience– If you want to have sex like experience before having the real sexual experience, Fleshlight is the safest and best option. You don’t have to worry about your performance when you are using the Fleshlight for your first time experience.
  • It Offers Stamina Training– This is a great tool for men who want to improve their sexual stamina the specially designed stamina pack provide you the necessary guidelines for using the product to increase your stamina.
  • Perfect For Travel Needs–  You can carry your enjoyment with ease, and you don’t need to take your girlfriend with you to have the pleasure.
  • Protection from STD’s– When you are opting for girls on call for your pleasure, you are under the risk of transmitting various sexually transmitted diseases. You can enjoy sex safely with your Fleshlight.
  • Different Intensity and Sensation– The Fleshlight sex toys are capable of giving different intensities of pleasure and sensation. The “Vibro” models offer vibrations on the shaft to intensify your pleasure.
  • Allowing You to Watch Action– The transparent models of Fleshlight allow the user to see the complete action and enjoy each and every detail of the action.
  • Enjoying Oral Sex– You can get the enjoyment of the oral sex with the help of Fleshlight with mouth shaped orifice.
  • Ability to Experiment– These sex toys provide men the utmost ability to experiment. You can fulfill all your sexual fantasies with these toys.
  • Safe to Use Again and Again– This toy is made of body safe- material and can be used again and again after cleaning. It is made of durable material which lasts for long.
  • Chance to Enter inside the Adult Stars– Fleshlight provides the chance for men to enjoy having sex with popular porn stars with the help of custom-molded sex toys made from the exact molds of vulva, mouth and anus of porn stars. This is sure to give unique sexual pleasure of having intercourse with porn stars.


Why Use a Fleshlight?

The following are some of the popular reason why many men buy Fleshlight to enjoy the climax that they love to experience always.

  • It will help you to use the product in any way you want and you can make all your sexual fantasies come true. This is not possible all the time when having sex with a female.
  • If you are a rookie in the game of sex, then you can use Fleshlight to hone your skills and practice new techniques and ways to delay your climax before you enter a real woman. This will help you to become a master in bed.
  • It is a product that offers you lifetime of sexual pleasure if you use it properly and take good care of it.
  • Fleshlight is a very good sex toy for both uncircumcised and circumcised men. All you need is to use adequate lubricant to enjoy greater sexual pleasure without any problems.
  • Fleshlight is the best first place to start and get the feel of sexual experience for a virgin. It will help you to easily feel the difference of making the transition from hand to this sex toy and it is a step closer to entering a real vagina.

If you are interested with what you have read so far and want to try out Fleshlight, then it is advisable that you buy this sex toy online. You can shop with complete confidence online as you can save the embarrassment of someone seeing you buy the product. So, get online and order your Fleshlight and use it to let out your sexual fantasies.


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